I Wrote My First Instructable!

As an individual who is always looking for a project and/or something interesting to make, I often browse instructables.com. I’ve even had an account since November of 2013. But until now, I had never posted my own instructable. I’ve never been very good at documenting projects that I am working on, mostly because I am trying to figure it out as I go or I am following someone else’s instructions anyways. So far, through this blog and my YouTube channel, I have come to discover that it is a lot of work to document, write, and edit instructions for projects. But, I think I’m getting better at it! (At least, I hope.)

The other day when I was browsing instructables.com, I noticed that there was an active contest under the name of Unusual Uses Challenge 2017. This contest was for instructables pertaining to unusual uses for things typically used for something else, similar to life hacks. When I saw this contest I thought that it would be a good opportunity for me to practice writing project instructions, but at the time I didn’t know what to write about, and figured something would hit me later.

I didn’t realize that it would literally hit me, or in this case my truck. A couple of days later, on the way to work, the car in front of me kicked up a rock which hit my windshield and cracked it. So I stopped at the hardware store and bought some super glue to fill the crack and keep it from getting worse until I had a chance to get it taken care of. (This is a simple little trick my dad taught me.) I thought this trick would be perfect to write about for the contest, so I made sure to document it.

When I got home that night, I wrote what would be my very first instructable, about using super glue to keep your cracked windshield from getting worse. I even entered it into the Unusual Uses Challenge.

The next day, I had several emails from instructables.com. One stating I successfully published an instructable, one congratulating me on posting my first instructable, and one stating that it was approved for entry into the contest; typical stuff. But as I read through the other emails, I got more excited. I was notified that a couple people had commented on my instructable, so I read those and answered some questions that they had. But what I was really excited about, was that one of the editors at instructables.com featured my instructable! My first one, featured! This meant that more people would see it, and not only that, I was also given three months of a premium membership, for free!

I can’t believe how successful my first instructable has been so far, being viewed a few hundred times and favorited a handful of times already, and also being featured. I can’t wait to see how it does in the contest, and I definitely plan on writing more.


Click here to view my instructables.com profile and please feel free to follow me if you have an account so you can see new projects!

Click here to view my very first instructable!


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