WARNING: Contains Awesome!

So my wife decided she would surprise me by ordering a gift for me from Man Crates. We had both been seeing ads for it on Facebook. I hadn’t looked into it much and only saw the ad, thinking to myself, “that’s pretty cool”. But evidently, she checked into it a little more and ended up ordering one for me.

It arrived in a not so inconspicuous cardboard box. The box had Fragilè, pronounced Fruh-jee-lay, printed on one side and logos on nearly all sides of the box. It also had a warning label on it that read: “Warning: Contains awesome! May cause excitement, frustration, anger, extreme joy, ridicule, uncontrollable laughter, and intense high fives. Proceed with reckless abandon.”


Upon opening the cardboard box, I found a small crowbar, with the Man Crates logo engraved on it, the wooden crate itself, and a card with a little note from my wife on it.


The crate, which seems to be made of plywood, was fairly easy to open since the top appeared to only have been held on with hot glue. There was even a gap under one corner of the top where there wasn’t any glue and the crowbar fit into almost perfectly. I just pushed the crowbar into the gap and pried off the top.


My wife had gotten me the Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate, which included:

  • SKLZ Core Wheels
  • SKLZ Jump Rope
  • 22 oz. Blender Bottle (The fact that the one I got was blue made it even better.)
  • Hammer Heed – Strawberry Flavor
  • Hammer Endurolytes Fizz – Grapefruit Flavor
  • Hammer Whey – Chocolate Flavor
  • Hammer Recoverite – Orange Vanilla Flavor (Sounds like dreamscicle flavor, yum!)
  • Hammer Gel – Montana Huckleberry Flavor

She said that it was difficult to decide which one to order because there were so many options and they were all super cool. But I think she made a great choice! I can’t wait to try everything out, and I’m thinking that everything included in the crate will help me kick-start my effort to get in better shape.

Even though it was easy to open, I thought it was really fun to bust open the crate and see what was inside, I also thought the crate was really cool and “manly”. So naturally, I wanted to keep it. But what should I use it for? I decided to make a couple simple modifications to it and use it to store all of our home workout stuff.

I removed the hot glue on the crate and the top to clean it up a little bit, but that left the lid only able to loosely sit on top of the box. To make it fit into the crate a little better and to keep it from sliding off, I cut some small scrap pieces of plywood and drilled them to the underside of the lid to make little feet that hold it snugly on top of the crate.


Then, to make it a little more personal, I took the note from my wife that came with the crate and glued it to one side with mod podge.

Now we have something much cooler than a plastic bin to keep all of our smaller home workout stuff in.


This Man Crate was an awesome gift. It was fun to open, came with cool and useful stuff, and I was even able to find a use for the crate! After opening this one, I looked online to see what other cool things they have, and let me tell you, there’s a lot of cool stuff. You can get gifts that come in crates, gifts that come in ammo cans, and even project kits that come with everything you need to make something cool, such as a wooden tobacco pipe or homemade beer for example, including the tools. They’ve even got some novelties, such as a gift card encased in concrete that you’ve got to smash open, for those that cannot decide which gift bundle to order.

I think I will be ordering some of these gifts and kits for friends and family in the future, maybe even some for myself, they are just so cool.

*Note: I am not affiliated, sponsored, or etc. by Man Crates (Although, I wouldn’t be opposed to it, if anyone from Man Crates is reading this. Haha.), I simply received one of their products as a gift from someone and thought it was really cool. This is my honest opinion on it.


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