Wolfgang_Haney Blog

Originally, this project started out as a Let’s Play channel on YouTube, under the name TheSimpleHooman. But, I quickly came to realize that I enjoy making things much more and simply do not have as much time for video games as I used to. As I have completed more and more projects, I have learned more and more. That’s why I decided to change the focus of my YouTube channel from video games to How-To’s and personal projects. In addition to deciding to change the focus of my channel, I decided that it needed a much more professional image. Hence the name change.

So now why a blog? A blog is much better for getting my ideas out there and my point across to others. With a blog, I am not limited to how long my posts are, I can emphasize different points, and it is definitely a more professional media than Facebook and Twitter. For How-To’s, I can make a step-by-step list that is easier to reference. For projects, I can do my work and later explain my process and thoughts without trying to operate a camera at the same time. Overall, it is much easier to organize content and I can keep it all in the same place.

For now, I simply have a free wordpress.com account and a free .wordpress.com domain for my web address. Maybe one day in the future I will find a reason to upgrade, but for now the free account and domain are perfect for this project.

Overall, the Wolfgang_Haney blog is just a way for me to share my interests, knowledge, and experience with others.


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